Aída born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1951.

After finishing high school moved to Israel and studied Interior Design. With her family already formed and for work, she settled in Caracas, Venezuela in 1987 where she discovered her passion for the visual arts.

She studied ceramics for two years at the Taller Escuela Arte Fuego founded by the ceramist Cándido Millán, and she continued at the Instituto de Arte Federico Brandt studying four years sculpture, painting and theory with artists Guillermo Abdala, Enrico Armas, Jorge Estrada, Onofre Frias and José Gherdel.

In 1995 she returned to Israel and began to teach sculpture besides creating.

Her sculptures have been exhibited in several group exhibitions in Venezuela, Israel, Germany, USA and Uruguay and she had a solo exhibition in Israel.

In 2000 she won the Batuz Foundation award that gave her the opportunity of working in Germany with artists from around the world in a project of creation as a way of uniting.

She sculpts in stone, wood, ceramics and other materials, looking for balance and beauty of form and inspired by nature, the human being and music. Forms are born almost always without a previous idea, in small format that can be translated into large-scale sculptures, such as those she sculpted for parks in Germany and Israel.

Aída is living and working in Miami, Florida.