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Uruguayan-Israeli artist, born in Montevideo (1951)

Aida emigrated to Israel in 1971. She studied and worked in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. In 1987 she relocated with her family to Caracas, Venezuela and she studied Art. First she learned all about ceramics at the Escuela Taller Arte Fuego and then she continued studying Visual Arts at the Instituto de Arte Federico Brandt. Aida returned to Israel in 1995, living there until moving to Miami in 2014. Currently she is an associate artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood, the Miami Arts District.

Aida’s sculptures refer to the feminine forms but synthesized into the abstraction, and to organic forms inspired by nature. Forms are born almost always without a previous idea, in a dialog. Aida works on wood, stone, ceramics and other materials, from very small to large formats.

Aida has received awards from the Batuz Foundation Sachsen of Germany that allowed her to work with artists from different parts of the world. There she made her first wooden sculptures in large size.

Two of her large works have been exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. as part of the international itinerant exhibition “Société Imaginaire”. After moving to Miami she has been participated in national exhibitions.

Aida has exhibited in Israel, Venezuela, Germany and Uruguay. In Israel she has participated in many exhibitions, and has been selected to work on several symposiums for large size stone sculptures commissioned by municipalities. Her large sculptures have been placed in parks along the country. Many of her sculptures are part of private collections.

AIDA’S DREAMERS are a project very close to her heart. The first Dreamer was born in 1997 in a special moment of her life. Aida feels is a gift she received to give it to others. Dreamers remind us that all of our dreams can come true.